Special Editions

Every year, The Historian produces a special edition based around a specific theme or topic. Previously, we have been proud to release an edition focusing on the history of Exeter City Football Club, while our most recent special edition has revolved around the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

These editions have been very well received at the University of Exeter as well as other institutions and even around the city itself. As such, we are very proud to be able to produce them each year, and if you or anyone you know has an idea for future special editions please get in touch either by email, facebook, or this website, using the contact page.

Thank you for reading The Historian.

Click on the covers below to read our special editions.

Our Special Editions:

Front Cover New Option 2 JPEG

‘The ECFC Edition’ Cover Design: Izaak Radecki


‘The Russian Edition’ Cover Design: Tom Fell