Our articles and editions come in all shapes and sizes, from academic papers exploring conventional history to more casual pieces helping readers understand local and topical history. We want our contributors to enjoy what they’re writing about, and as a result, we’ve received a wide range of fascinating articles over the past year. Some of our most popular articles have included:

  • The History of Exeter City Football Club
  • Predicting the Future of History as a Discipline
  • Comparing How the Holocaust Has Been Remembered in German Cities
  • How Ideology and Politics have Affected the Development of Science
  • The Social Media of Today for the History of Tomorrow
  • How Papal Power Grew in the Medieval Period
  • Re-examining the lives of famous individuals such as Lawrence of Arabia and Sir Herbert Samuel

So, if you have an article (or even an idea for one) just get in touch with us either by email at or Facebook, and we’ll help you to get it published.

Article Direction

We love contributors to fill their articles with their own opinions on the subjects they are handling. Furthermore, we accept articles from any undergrad relating to anything historical, but if you need a push in the right direction, here are a few ideas:

  • Brexit – historical continuities? How will the whole ordeal be viewed and understood in the future?
  • The terrorism/migrant/economic crises in Europe – how they can be linked to historical events
  • Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe
  • How history is used in Film – perhaps touching on the history of these and other media and including controversies related to history.
  • Civil rights history from around the world
  • The rise of the media and press in history

Special Edition

Our latest special edition has focused around the centenary of the Russian Revolution, and has already proven to be very popular. If you have any suggestions for a broad theme for next year’s special edition, then please get in touch and let us know.